Collaboration is key

“CIWEM is centrally placed as a multidisciplinary knowledge hub to facilitate many of the solutions to the climate and ecological emergency. As the importance of delivering together increases, so does the need to share successes” Terry Fuller, Chief Executive of CIWEM.

Adapting for Tomorrow’s Environment was born out of a desire to facilitate and encourage the vital conversations that are needed within the water and environmental management sector to tackle the climate emergency.

In partnership with ASN Media, the programme is being delivered online as part of CIWEM’s digital first focus, allowing access by members and non-members alike around the globe.

Launching in December 2020, the programme will be actively promoted through to April 2021 across social media. Join in the conversation using the hashtag #adapt4tomorrow.

Adaptation, resilience & sustainability

At the heart of Adapting for Tomorrow’s Environment is an understanding that we need to improve the way we manage our environment. Adaptation and resilience are required along with approaching projects in an environmentally mindful and sustainable way, as demonstrated by all the participants featured in our programme.

In line with this, the programme website is hosted by 100% renewable energy (more info here), and we offset all unavoidable carbon based travel via certified carbon credits.

CIWEM’s mission is to build a global community of water and environmental professionals dedicated to working for the public benefit. Whatever stage you are at in your career, joining CIWEM will provide you with access to the latest information, CPD training, networking and opportunities throughout the industry. Visit our Membership page to learn more.

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